This collaborative blog is part of the ‘Cultural Connections: Transatlantic Literary Women’ series, which started in Glasgow in January 2017.

The project explores the lives and writings of transatlantic women in all genres from the early nineteenth century to the present day. Themes may include: female writers’ involvement in the transatlantic anti-slavery network, campaigning for (and against) suffrage, famous “others”, transatlanticism in a digital age, transatlantic modernisms, Edith Wharton: adaptations of transatlanticism, race and class, transatlantic poetics.

Regular updates and events will be posted here. Join us and help shape the series. Everyone welcome!

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What people have said about our events:

[The Transatlantic Literary Women organisers] are conscious that academia can be an ivory tower of knowledge, seemingly impossible to break into, but “having the discussion online also means that it’s accessible to anyone, at any time, provided that they have internet connection.”

Katie Goh, The Skinny

…a project like the Transatlantic Literary Women Series seems more crucial than ever in recalling the colourful and heartwarming narratives of cultural exchange and social transformation inspired by transatlantic experiences.

Maria Sledmere, U.S. Studies Online

The day’s discussions were thought-provoking and engaging, in a time when coverage of senseless conflicts and rampant inequality still dominate the media.

Alistair Millar, U.S. Studies Online

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In 2016/17 the project was funded by the US Embassy and the British Association for American Studies Small Grants Programme and the Chancellor’s Fund at the University of Glasgow. We are delighted to be benefitting from the renewed support of these organisations in 2018.

Our logo, posters and designs were created by the wonderful Katrina Falco.