Allie Lewis, Jordan Strange and Stasia Tomecek by Billy Rood
Allie Lewis, Jordan Strange, and Stasia Tomecek reading in “Awake My Thoughts” for LADYGUNN magazine, January 2011. Photograph by Billy Rood.

Dear all,

We hope you are well! The Christmas break is drawing near, and we are looking forward to seeing you at our launch in January.

Many of you are following us on social media, and we decided we’d give you a chance to get creative. As the countdown to our first event is on, we are very excited to present you with our very first writing competition! If you haven’t opened it yet, this might give you the extra push you need to start reading our first pick for the Book Club, The Custom of the Country

Enter our customised competition on Wharton’s most controversial female protagonist Undine Spragg. We’re even giving you a choice!

You can:

A.      Write an online dating profile for Undine. It can be written by Undine herself or by any other protagonist. Maximum 150 words.


B.      Create one of Mrs. Heeny’s newspaper clippings: Write a journalistic report on one of Undine’s parties. Maximum 150 words.

Pigeon-blood notepaper with white ink not essential.


Please send your entries to us at: by 30 January 2017. Open to all, one submission per person for each category. Please include your name and email address. If you’re from outside Scotland, please let us know where you’re based. Entrants must be willing to have their submissions posted online, so that we can share the top picks. And yes, there will be a prize!

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The Transatlantic Literary Women Committee.

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