How are you?

It was a pleasure to see you all last Monday! We definitely didn’t expect so many of you to join us, and even if there weren’t quite enough chairs, we had food and wine aplenty to make up for it! For those of you who missed it, highlights of the evening included a free book giveaway, and some speeches from the committee.

Laura introduced the guests to the TLW project and team, and went on to speak about Edith Wharton and The Custom of the Country. I spoke about Wharton and expatriation, and Louisa and Saskia presented our future events, including the book club sessions, workshop in February, and our future event in the trenches… Saskia read H.D.’s poem ‘Oread‘ to set the note of our student writing showcase. We also had the chance to speak to some of you about other future events, at the University, and elsewhere, including an upcoming discussion of Angela Carter! More about our March and April events in another post…

The launch was first and foremost a great opportunity to know your impressions and start taking the series to the next step with you. In the comments you left, you mentioned your desire for diversity, for cross-disciplinary events and debates, and for inspiring expat women writers. Many of you contributed their suggestions for the book club. We will present you with a selection of books to vote for on Twitter in a few days. If you don’t already, follow us on @atlantlitwomen to have your say. Suggestions included Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nella Larsen and Zelda Fitzgerald. If you have any other idea, drop us a line! If you don’t already, follow us on @atlantlitwomen to have your say, as we will soon be voting to choose our next selection!

Finally, we hope that you’re enjoying reading The Custom of the Country. We have now updated our Facebook page, and created an event for our session on January 30th: you can find it here. To make this a collective experience, why not post about your first impressions, or, even better, think about entering our Wharton writing competition? There will be a prize and winning submissions will be posted here. We look forward to knowing what you make of Undine’s antics…





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