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If you’ve already had a look at our new programme for March and April, you may have heard of our upcoming talk on Angela Carter.

With the 25th anniversary of Carter’s death and the publication of Edmund Gordon’s biography The Invention of Angela Carter last autumn, the past few months have been filled with events inspired by her life and writing. A transatlantic woman in her own right, Carter lived and taught in America several times in her life, and her stories and novels give a significant place to the stories, myths and legends of the New World.

For the Carter fans among you, we decided to organise an evening dedicated to Carter’s representation of the American continent, with a talk by Dr Heidi Yeandle (University of Swansea). It will take place in a week, on Tuesday 14th March, in Room 203, 4 University Gardens, University of Glasgow. As usual, this evening is free to attend, and open to students and non-students alike. We’d love to see you there! We are also excited by Katrina Falco’s latest creation for this event:


Here’s a little idea of what the talk will be about, along with a short introduction of our fantastic speaker, Dr Heidi Yeandle:

“In this talk, Heidi Yeandle will discuss Angela Carter’s depiction of America in both her fictional writing and her journalism. Carter’s conflicting representations of the USA will be discussed, in relation to her generally negative experiences of living and teaching in the states as well as her fascination with Hollywood. In both her fiction and non-fiction, America is depicted as dystopian and as a “vicious fake”: it is apocalyptic and artificial. The American land is also frequently represented as a female body in Carter’s writing, leading into discussions of fertility and motherhood. Mainly focusing on The Passion of New Eve (1977) as well as ‘John Ford’s ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore’ and ‘The Merchant of Shadows’, two of Carter’s short stories from the posthumously published collection American Ghosts and Old World Wonders (1993), the talk will discuss the implications of Carter depicting America as female, and simultaneously apocalyptic and artificial. Yeandle’s talk will also note the multiple resemblances between the dystopian New York depicted in The Passion of New Eve and the United States in 2017.”

Heidi Yeandle is based at Swansea University, where she completed her PhD in 2015. Her first monograph Angela Carter and Western Philosophy was published earlier this year by Palgrave, and she has published a journal article on Carter’s depiction of America, as well as a book chapter on her representation of the apocalypse. Heidi has also published articles on other contemporary female authors, including Ali Smith and Helen Oyeyemi. She is currently convening an MA module dedicated to Angela Carter, and is starting to plan a second book on how contemporary female authors depict female writers in their fiction.

All updates on this event will be posted here. We hope that you will join us for an evening of discussion on Angela Carter! Looking forward to seeing you there!

The TLW Team.



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