12th-13th-march-angie-spoto-by-kath-warren-courtesy-of-the-scottish-writers-centreToday, we introduce the second of Angie’s fantastic poems, a homage to soul and funk singer Betty Davis.


I just wanna be your

Virginia Woolf novel

Skeleton key

Stained glass bottle



‘After Betty Davis’ by Angie Spoto

Originally published in SWAMP Magazinehttp://www.swampwriting.com/


When I was his kitchen sink

I’d call the summer rain


When I was his apron string

I’d steep it in a tea


When I was his baseball seats

I’d send it down the drain



When I was his coffee pot

I’d keep it at a steam


When I was his Southside block

I’d cut nails neat


When I was his cotton sheets

I’d take my whiskey clean



When I was his steelworker

I’d build the bridges hot


When I was his Jupiter

I’d wash my hair, repeat


When I was his canine teeth

I’d call the shots, babe



I just wanna be your


Jackpot winner

Sunlight at sundown

Angostura bitters

Velcro shoes




Single malt drink

Pacific Ocean current

Used brass ring


I just wanna be your


Virginia Woolf novel

Skeleton key

Stained glass bottle


When I call the shots, babe

you’d better follow


Angie Spoto is an American fiction writer and poet with a BA and Masters in Creative Writing. She has lived in Austria, the Netherlands, and now lives in Scotland, where she is completing a Doctorate in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. Her doctorate will culminate in a collection of fantastic and surreal stories that attempt to address the issues of domestic and sexual abuse. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous online and print anthologies, including SWAMP MagazineCrooked Holster, and From Glasgow to Saturn. Visit her website at http://www.angiespoto.com.


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