Today is dedicated to the poetry sequence ‘A God Perch for Ocean Viewing’, by poet Alex Hackett. In contrast with the previous texts in our series, Alex Hackett’s poems take a less personal, more natural angle to approach the transatlantic relationship, with those beautiful poems addressed to the ocean taken from Letters to the North Atlantic/Newfoundland.

I can feel you on my tongue

energy crying sadly

you’ve got the salt of the Atlantic in you

Kath Warren, Courtesy of the Scottish Writers’ Centre


Letters to the North Atlantic/Newfoundland by Alex Hackett

These three poems are part of a sequence



North Atlantic,

you’re a watersheet like sky flipped

speckled white unmoving ,     only

lights float in my eyes

frothing layers cosy your skin

rolling inform the horizon

onto a marble cosmos

predators might cast you in an opaque fear,

you’re dull and unmoving in static

whilst my movement is free

in your untouched perfect mosaic sea.



The Froth on the Rocks,

I can feel you on my tongue

energy crying sadly

you’ve got the salt of the Atlantic in you


my skin pickles in the aftermath

with punctures hardened

whilst you’re soft with turquoise glow.



Cliff Coast Shore,

here’s there’s the

gentle huff of a whale

amongst dog roses pink to bury your

nose in


criss   cross

moiré of waves   coating

a blue you can’t believe

where it’s wet at the lip of the land

and not messy like your mouth.


Alex Hackett works as an artist, writer and anthropogastronomer in Edinburgh. She gained a degree in Fine Art before studying at Edinburgh College of Art on the MFA Art Space and Nature programme. Writing exists as an independent form, as well as a tool within her art practice to form a dialogue with image, installation and performance. Her practice addresses contrasts between the natural and unnatural world, a fascination with the absurd, and a slow and secretive reveal of the personal.



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