Have you booked your tickets yet for the Transatlantic Literary Women Symposium on Saturday 3 June? Talks, workshops, lunch, and a friendly welcome await. And it’s all free! Reserve a place here.

We’re also looking for volunteers. As part of our afternoon workshop, “Vote for YOUR Transatlantic Literary Woman”, volunteers will be giving brief talks on their favourite transatlantic literary woman. She can be a figure from hundreds of years ago, or someone out there today, a transatlantic literary woman who has inspired you, achieved great things, and/or someone who has been forgotten and you want to bring out of the shadows. The choice is yours!

We’ve already signed up some great volunteers making the case for some extraordinary transatlantic women (and we’re keeping their identity under wraps, so come and find out who they are on the day!) We’d like to open up the opportunity to a few more volunteers. So, if you would like to give a brief (five minute) presentation in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, making a case for a transatlantic literary woman, please get in touch and tell us who you want to talk about and why. Email the team at: transatlantic.women@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


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