Tuesday 14th November

4 University Gardens, Rooms 202 – 203

Hello everyone,

Those of you who attended our launch in September and our workshop yesterday will remember mention of another exciting talk that we have lined up for this season. On Tuesday 14th November, Glasgow University’s very own Professor Faye Hammill will be presenting ‘Transatlantic style: the ocean liner and the “international set.”’ Ahead of the talk we have some more information about this fantastic topic, along with a short bio of our speaker:

“I mean I always love a ship and I really love the Majestic because you would not know it was a ship because it is just like being at the Ritz.” Lorelei Lee, heroine of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, gives us a perfect description of the globalised style that began to emerge during  the golden age of liner travel. Loos was part of the ‘international set’ – a loose grouping of prominent society and artistic figures, who met one another frequently on voyages and in fashionable resorts during the interwar years. The talk will explore the way liner travel was represented by members of this set, examining texts by Loos, Rebecca West, and others, and relating them to the development of a “transatlantic style” in the textual and visual forms of the era.

Faye Hamill 2.pngFaye Hammill joined the University of Glasgow as Professor of English in August 2017. She previously worked at the Universities of Strathclyde, Cardiff and Liverpool. She works on early twentieth century literature and print culture in a transatlantic frame. She is the author of six books, most recently Modernism’s Print Cultures, with Mark Hussey (2016) and Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture, with Michelle Smith (2015).

Anyone who came along to our Book Club last year will remember Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country and Anita Loos Gentleman Prefer Blondes. Works like these reflect that, for many people, the socialising done on board an ocean liner was a large part of the excitement and experience of making the trip. The TLW team cannot wait to learn more about one of the sets coming from this era, and the transatlantic women who played a part in it. And with figures such as the interior designer Syrie Maugham, and the professional hostess and gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell, this talk promises to go beyond literary confines to explore a varied artistic scene. We hope you will all join us to give Professor Hammill a very warm reception on November 14th.

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Kari, on behalf of the TLW team

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