Transatlantic Literary Women and the Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies are excited to announce this joint event. We are delighted to be welcoming Dr. Helena Goodwyn to Glasgow to give a paper titled: “Margaret Harkness, W. T. Stead and the Transatlantic Social Gospel Network”. The talk takes place in room 202, 4 University Gardens (University of Glasgow) at 5.15pm on Wednesday 27th February, with drinks and refreshments available from 5 pm. As always, everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!

Margaret Harkness, W. T. Stead and the Transatlantic Social Gospel Network

To be a journalist in the second half of the nineteenth century was often to be caught between accusations of evangelism and commercialism. For Margaret Harkness and W. T. Stead the desire to reach as wide an audience as possible created a tension between their idealism and popularism that each sought to overcome by marketing their respective social-activist texts as part of a wider, transnational network of reform. This talk, therefore, considers Harkness’s 1889 novel Captain Lobe: A Story of the Salvation Army, reprinted in 1891 as In Darkest London, and Stead’s 1894 socio-religious treatise If Christ Came to Chicago! A Plea for the Union of All Who Love in the Service of All Who Suffer, in light of each author’s attempts to align themselves with a movement of greater significance than their writings could achieve on their own: the transatlantic social gospel network.


Version 2About Helena

Helena Goodwyn is a Lecturer in Literature at the University of St Andrews. Her work has appeared in the THE, Journal of Victorian Culture and Victorian Periodicals Review. Her forthcoming book The Americanization of W. T. Stead will be published with Edinburgh University Press.


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