Upcoming Events

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Previous Events (Series 4)

‘Starving for Heroines: On Women Writers, Fame and Forgetting’ with Joanna Scutts: 2 pm, Thursday 12th December, Board Room, National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EW.

‘Diana Gabaldon and the American Obsession with Scotland’ with Dr. Rachel Noorda5.15pm, Monday 11 November, Room 205, 4 The Square, University of Glasgow.

Workshop: Debunking the Scholarly Journal Mystique: 2:30pm, Wed 2 October, Room 205, 5 University Gardens, University of Glasgow.

Jessie Fauset at the Front of Modernism, by Susan Tomlinson5.15 pm, Tuesday 1 October, Room 202, 4 University Gardens, University of Glasgow.

Previous Events (Series 3)

Helena Goodwyn, “Margaret Harkness, W. T. Stead and the Transatlantic Social Gospel Network”: 5:15pm, Wednesday 27th February, Room 202, 4 University Gardens, University of Glasgow.

Women in the Archives (National Library of Scotland): 2-4 pm, Tuesday 25th September, Board Room, National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW

Helen Hanson, “Putting “Rebecca” on Trial: Daphne du Maurier and Hollywood’s mid-century Adaptation Industry”: 5.15, Tuesday 9th October, room 101, 5 University Gardens.

Jennifer Haytock, “Writing for France: American Women Writers and the Great War”, 5.15pm, Wednesday 17 October, 5.15, room 202, 4 University Gardens.

Protest and Activism Workshop, Wednesday 7th November 2-4.30pm,  in collaboration with the Hook Centre for American Studies. Paper titles include:

  • “Legacies of Resistance: From Womanist Writers to Radical Quilters,”
  • “Beyond a Rise and Fall: Tennessee Student Activism, 1954-1975”
  • “Ocean Hill Be-In: Children’s Books and educational activism”

Janine Bradbury, “Racial Passing and Its Transatlantic Contexts”, 5.15pm, Tuesday 20th November, Room 101, 5 University Gardens.

“What Zelda Fitzgerald Taught Me About Ballet, and Other Publishing Excursions” — The Publishing of Zelda Fitzgerald and Sylvia Townsend Warner by Handheld Press:   Wednesday 23rd January 2019, 5:15pm, Room 202, 4 University Gardens.