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We are very excited to have been featured in The Skinny for an article on “The World of Scottish Book Clubs” written by Katie Goh and published on the 1st of March 2018:

Founded in Glasgow, the group consists of academics and students who focus on works by transatlantic women writers. (…) Utilising social media has been a way of expanding the group to include academics worldwide as well as the general public. The group are conscious that academia can be an ivory tower of knowledge, seemingly impossible to break into, but “having the discussion online also means that it’s accessible to anyone, at any time, provided that they have internet connection.”

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Our events have also been widely reviewed by academic and student publications:

Here’s what our attendees have to say about our events…


For me, this is a chance to learn and read more…

I’m really impressed by the work put in by the organising committee to create such a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Very welcoming, friendly, informal and collaborative atmosphere. Good opportunities to meet people, and good diversity of talks and events.

Fun and informative – I very much look forward to future events…

It’s sparked my interest in the subject!

Thank you for a fantastic day… Such interesting talks!